Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick: Not The Red I Wanted

In search of a red lipstick I ended up trying this matte liquid lipstick by Wet and Wild. As a brand #wetnwild is pretty much known for making good affordable products. So I decided to try it attempting to get my kind of red.

Not all #redshades will suit every skintone, so search a red accordingly, I read somewhere. You thought I only make mistakes while purchasing foundation of my skin color, you were so wrong. I failed to search for my kind of red as well.

Now if you see the image of the #lipstick it still looks my type of a red. Kind of orangey. But it actually is a #cooltonered which I don’t prefer. Such a red does nothing to enhance my look. Yes, I can manage wearing it but I don’t enjoy wearing this shade. I will never look forward to wear this shade, basically. I have my other preferred shades which enhance my look leaps and bounds. BTW, this shade is called Missy and Fierce.

Though I couldn’t care much for it, I have a lot of good stuff to say about this #liquidlipstick. It is long-lasting and this color has literally stained my #lips. Very pigmented. A single swipe goes a long way, so the product will last longer as you need a tiny amount.

I love the packaging, its affordable but doesn’t look cheap. I specifically love the black lid. Distinct and stylish packaging. The prodcut smells fine too.

The applicator has a specific curve to it which makes the application of the lipstick very easy. It glides smooth effortlessly. You can define your lips with the applicator, it works that well. It somehow fits your lip lines. My other liquid lipsticks and the glosses have doe foot applicator too but this specific one proved to be superior to me.

Now, the biggest issue for me with it was not this red not being my kind. My biggest issue was it drying up too soon and compared to my other liquid lipsticks and their price, it should have lasted longer.

This is not my favorite color so I hardly wore it and the rare times I decided to wear it were 2-3, the 4th time, it dried up. And because of it drying up so soon I can’t even try the other shades even though I really liked several things about this lipstick.

So, will I try other shades? Nope.

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