The Nomad Eyeshadow Palette: Underwhelming, Least Favorite From The Lot

Not feeling blown away by a Juvia’s Place product is a rare thing, at least for me who have just started using such brands. You can take the #juviasplace #foundation as an example. In short, I couldn’t like the foundation. But not because it was a bad product. It was because of my preferences and confused soul. I made the mistake of choosing the wrong shade, not again you say, I heard it, and then discovered me not enjoying full coverage matte face.

So when I say I couldn’t feel anything special about #thenomad #eyeshadowpalette, you can expect me to talk mostly about my personal likings with a lot of praises in between. As you can see I bought a few #palattes from the brand and loved each one of them except this one. And this one is my fourth and last eyeshadow palette from the brand.

During my purchase, this palette called my name with its beautiful shades. The other palettes I talked about were colorful and great but these colors had something unique and pretty about them and I had to add it to my cart pronto. The mattes are bomb to look at, very soothing to my eyes.

I opened and looked at the beautiful shades and the beauty remain intact but the situation took a u-turn when I swatched them. I realized these colors are not for me. What a bummer!

It is kind of matte palette where you have 6 #mattes and 3 #shimmers, a total of 9 shades. The 2nd color from the top row, the mustard shade, though seems like a yellowish matte, it actually is a beautiful mustard shimmer and my favorite along with the second shade of the first column on the right. That one is a beautiful dark green shimmer, looks almost black. PRETTY. You get a thick layer of shimmer with this.

The shimmer in the middle does attract you the most to the palette as it pops but when swatched its not too intense. Just a thin layer of shimmer unlike the green one.

3 of the 6 mattes are really common but necessary to create different looks and the other 3, say the 2 on the right column and the 1 right under the rose gold shimmer are distinct, interesting but too bold for me. I really want to enjoy creating looks with those but am scared to carry the look.

Basically it is a dilemma palette for me.

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