Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: All That Went Wrong

I have only heard good things about #maybellinefitme range. It is #drugstore yet not by any means lesser than many of the #high-end products. So when I needed a #foundation upgrade from the really #affordable #focallure, I choose to try a #maybellinefitmefoundation. It was time, because #maybelline is such a talked about brand. BTW, I have already used Loreal. Some were great and some were disasters.

And my this purchase was full of mistakes. For some reason I didn’t care about the shade. I thought I would make it work with my pale #concealer and #powder. Listen, I am watching makeup related stuff for a decade now and using #makeup products since forever, yet if you ask me my shade, I will make a confused face because they make me confuse. And the unavailablity of different shades makes the choice and purchase harder.

I mean we don’t believe in brown skin here. Base products have to be pale otherwise they are not #baseproducts, right? We need pale face even if the rest of the body shows the real skin tone. So most of the shops here believe in selling lighter shades mostly and we need to make do with it.

The situation is a little better now, but we have a long way to go. Anyways. So, I thought as I have mostly lighter products, the #juviasplace foundation being the latest addition if you didn’t know, I decided to purchase rich tan for me. And this shade is way too deep for me. More than being deep it looks weird on me.

My #focullurefoundation is also a little deeper yet it gels well with my skin tone as well as the products I use after the foundation. None of those products worked with this foundation.

Once I mixed it with my very light juvia’s place foundation without realizing how different both the formulas are and ended up with a disaster base. The products separated. And since then I don’t know how to use it. I actually feel it is not for my skin type. Its for oily skin, and that is why it proved to be a bad product for me.

I used it just a few times, and am so disappointed with the choices I am making regarding foundations. First this then a 20 bucks on Juvia’s Place. Repurchasing not sure but if I do I guess true or pure beige would be my shade.

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