The Nubian Glow Eyeshadow Palette: Compact And Perfect

The #nubianglow is the 3rd #juviasplace #eyeshadowpalette I got for myself. And this one is my most used #palette among all since I bought a few from the brand.

I had mostly good things to say about the other 2 palettes and if this is my most used palette then its obvious that it is my favorite of all. Although, Nubian 3 Coral palette’s eyeshadows resulted in the best look for me but the colors in this palette are my kind of colors. If its #warm and orangey then I am on with it.

It is a #smallpalette with six colors, and you get 3 different #textures among the 6 eyeshadows. The 3 #shimmers are very different to each other even though they are all goldish shimmers. Then you have two #mattes one being a pure #orangeshade and the other is kind of yellowish. Nothing much to talk about the mattes. They are decent, though a bit chalky, they are easy to blend.

However, I can go on and on about the other #pigments. The one under the matte orange is a glitter. Pure #glitter. When you touch it, it feels damp and chunky. No fall out. Working with chunky glitters but hassle-free. A complete new texture than the regular shimmers.

All the 3 shimmers look pretty similar. But you find out the difference only when you apply or swatch them. The one on the top left is a pure gold, similar to the gold in the #magicmini but not the same. The magic mini one is a bit deeper and this one is brighter.

The 1 in the right side of the glitter looks almost silvery in my image but its not. The image could not pick the true color. Its a golden shimmer but very light, not in any way similar to the gold eyeshadow on the top left. Take it as a light yellow pigment with golden shimmers in it. Very distinct and pretty.

The shimmer on the top right is a chameleon. Its golden but when you move it shows you the rosy pink vibe to it. It remains golden, but the pinkish vibe just shows out of nowhere. It has to be the one that took me by complete surprise.

Also, the shimmers on the right column creates a comparatively thin layer than the golden shimmer. That one creates a thick layer upon application. That means we are actually playing with 4 different textures not 3. Truly a great find.

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