La Roche-Posay Double Repair Face Moisturizer Vs. La Roche-Posay Double Repair Face Moisturizer with SPF 30

If you are in search of a light moisturizer that you can use during day time, a moisturizer that doesn’t feel greasy yet moisturizes your extremely dry face well bringing a slight glow and dewy vibe, have this #larocheposay Double Repair Facial Moisturizer.

I have already talked about their #broadspectrum #spf30. Both are pretty much the same with the exception of one being just a moisturizer and the other being a sunscreen-cum-moisturizer. I got both thinking that the SPF 30 is just a sunscreen, but as I mentioned in my review of the SPF 30 you can use that one as a moisturizer too which cuts down one product from your long skincare routine which I prefer.

This moisturizer though is way lighter than the SPF 30, which is understandable. A sunscreen will be heavier. But this moisturizer is super light which easily blends and absorbs into the skin within seconds. But if you apply more than you need it will feel sticky which we don’t want. A little goes a long way. Makeup doesn’t sit well on it, just like the SPF30.

Me comparing the 2 products makes sense, right? They are similar. Both the products have #ceramide 3 and #niacinamide hence would be great for #damaged and #dryskin. The packaging, price and quantity are exactly the same. None of the products have fragrance in them but the product itself doesn’t smell bad which btw is a huge issue for me with the brand’s #hyaluB5serum. That #serum worked for my skin really well but I hate how it smells though its #fragrancefree.

So, between the two if I need to repurchase I will prefer the SPF 30 and skip this one, though I really enjoyed using it. But I don’t think such a light cream at night will be enough for my #damagedskin like a #laneige #watersleepingmask. Neither I can use it without a sunscreen during the day so I will skip it for that reason only.

However, that doesn’t negate it being such a great product in any way. Your skin might not be as damaged as mine and you might not need heavy moisturizing at night too, in that case, you can use it comfortably. It will restore, replenish, soothe and repair from within. If such a lightweight product does so much without making it a sticky mess you must try it.

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