The Nubian 3 Coral Eyeshadow Palette: A Palette That Got Me The Best Compliment

Juvia’s Place Nubian 3 Coral eyeshadow palette took me by a total surprise. I have bought this #palette from so many the brand has created, I mean have we seen the #juviasplace website, they have uncountable ones and its so tough to decide which one to pick or leave.

Of course the #colors in this palette caught my attention yet I didn’t expect it to suit me so well. It is like I got a palette thinking that will help me to create the best look for me among all the others but what created the best look for me was this palette and I was surprised and super happy to have it in my collection. Also I need to mention clearly, all the different eyeshadow palettes I bought from this brand, this one was my least favored but it got me the best compliment upon wearing it.

This palette has equal number of #matte and #shimmers, 6 each, which makes it a 12-pan #eyeshadowpalette.

So, why should you have this palette? I will say for just the second row. That row is enough to hook you to it. All the four #pigments in the second row are gorgeous and #mattecolors being this beautiful and attractive, I cannot even fathom how. The two shimmers, pink and red and the matte deep brown are the best in the palette, neck to neck competition going on among the three and I don’t want to choose. The fourth color is great but least favorite of the four but I use all the four together to create a gorgeous eyelook.

The rest of the colors are good and pigmented but its hard to beat the second row for me. Special mention to the shimmery coral pink shimmer in the third row and the deep coral shade almost brown right beside it. The shimmer is pigmented, unique and cute and the matte seems similar to the brick red of my previously reviewed palette but came out very different when swatched side by side.

The same applies to the grey shimmers on the top row. Very similar to the previous palette. They seem lighter and has a pink hue to them, I don’t even know how to explain because its too minute. So minute that I still am not sure whether the deep ash shimmer of this palette is the same as the previous palette.

The only color that is not up to the mark is the matte grey on the top row. It is bad.

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