Lakme Insta-Liner: More Than A Decade Old Experience That Too A Great One

I have talked about a lot of products since I have started talking about different products and my experience using them, but if there is one product that I can claim of using for more than a decade now, has to be 15 years at least then this is that product.

This is a #eyeliner by #lakme and I am using it since the beginning of my #makeup journey. And this has worked for me so well and was so #affordable that I didn’t need any alternatives.

In between I tried another eyeliner and it was from another #affordablebrand #jordana but that was a bad product and dried up within a month of use. BTW, the brand doesn’t exist anymore but I need to mention, just like this eyeliner I used Jordana #mascara for a decade too. It was great and paired well with the #lakmeeyeliner.

I also tried some #geleyeliner as all the beauty guru’s were hyping about it. And what I got was either not drying up when applied on the eyes or dried up so bad within months that I couldn’t use that one for even a month.

And while I was trying those, I was time to time going back to using this Lakme insta-liner. And then I chucked the idea of using any other eyeliner and decided that if I have it, I need nothing else. Now there are high end great eyeliners but am I ready to pay that price for an eyeliner that will last me a month at best? Not yet.

This is my second bottle, and the first one lasted me forever. It didn’t dry up a decade later, insane. It looks like a nail polish bottle but has a thin brush for applying the liner. The brush is great to draw a thin line but with a little practice.

I cannot say it to be a #jetblack eyeliner because the other few I used were more black than this. So if there is one reason I will search for an alternative of it will be to try a jet #blackeyeliner. Also, I don’t know what they meant by #waterresistant because upon contact with water this eyeliner will be everywhere.

It dries up pretty instantly upon application. After using the second bottle of the same eyeliner, I have to say they have changed the formula because the product of the first bottle was better than this and was way more black I feel. All in all, I feel it is the only eyeliner you need.

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