The Magic Mini By Juvia’s: This Could Be The Only Palette You Need

The Magic Mini By Juvia’s is just pure happiness. Sometimes I just open the palette to see the gorgeous colors and its so soothing to my eyes. I will call it a complete palette. It has a range of different colors from black, blue, pink, to green, gold, and red.

So this is a 16-pan eyeshadow #pallete and the shadows are #pigmented. But are we even surprised? Because Juvia’s Place is too well known for making pigmented eyeshadows that are not just high-quality, #colorful shadows but also are easy to blend. You can be a beginner yet can blend the potent colors without putting any extra effort.

It has 10 shimmers and 6 matte eyeshadows. And boy the shimmers are so gorgeous. The Mattes are great too but the blue and the purple matt eyeshadow Ife and Yejide are not ‘it’ for me. When I added this palette to my cart it was because one of these colors seemed black to me. I wanted a matte black eyeshadow so bad that, that color made me buy this palette, not the other gorgeous colors. However, that eyeshadow was not black but thank goodness I got it. This shouldn’t be missed at all.

Though I didn’t have my desired black eyeshadow, it has a black one with shimmer. The shimmery grey, silver and the black shimmer Aja with a black kohl pencil would create a gorgeous smoky eye look.

Zuba, Faso, Buzo and Yara are the most unique colors I have ever used and the first three (an adorable pink, a lavender and an emerald green) just lifts my mood with just their existence. Yara not so much but it is very pretty and unique nevertheless.

You also get a gold,  a rose gold and a baby pink shimmer and look out for the later two because both seem muted colors but the way they pop is dazzling.

For blending and transitions you have the mattes and except the two colors I didn’t like much, the other four colors are great to look at and work with. You can do a lot with the mattes especially the brick red, pinkish red and the typical brown.

So, if you don’t own this palette, contemplate having it soon especially if you need a palette with a wide color range. I just love it.

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