The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA: A So-So Moisturizer For My Dry Damaged Skin

We are right at the end of our #theordinary series and lets end it by talking about their #affordable #moisturizer. I strictly need to mention about it being affordable is because I bought the #naturalmoisturizingfactors + HA as it was decently priced.

Just like my purchase of the HA serum was unintended, this product was the same. As it was affordable and you get a big tube at such a price I thought it could be great alternative to the #hydroboost #watergel. That isn’t an affordable product.

Although I have distinct opinion on all the other Ordinary products because of the clear reaction or nice effect I saw after the use, I am not sure about this product.

The thick but not too thick cream blended well, had no fragrance and suited my skin well. The best part of this moisturizer is that it is not sticky. The little sticky feeling it has is ignorable.

However, this was not enough to moisturize dry skin. It will moisturize when you blend it but you will see zero trace of it after a little while. Your skin feels dry in no time.

Also, I have noticed that if its not a certain level of sticky, it fails to moisturize my dry skin. This product is a good example.

I have used it with HA serum. I had all the needed products to build a legit skincare regimen and I followed the regimen. I not being able to continue for a long time is a different discussion. I used the moisturizer alone as well but it did nothing great for my skin, neither it was bad for my skin. So for me it was an okay product.

So, the #niacinamide and #alphaarbutin is not for me and the #peelingsolution and the #hyaluronicacid was a big yes. And this product dangles in between. It was okay but I am not going to repurchase it.

All in all, #theordinary products were one of those rare products which I couldn’t empty up and wasted. However, I still have my doubt on the reasons why some of the products didn’t work for me and reacted so badly. Was it purging, my bad skin condition or product reaction?

BTW, I see so many additions since I bought my #ordinary products. One product that caught my utmost attention is their multi-peptide hair serum. I really think that product is made for my needs.

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