The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5: An Affordable Option That Do Wonders

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 is one of those products from the brand which I had no prior intention to buy but bought it anyway and it worked for my skin really well.

Now, when my skin was dry to the point of wounds hurting my face, I got introduced to the term #hyaluronicacid as what I read was if you are suffering from extremely dry skin then you will need a moisturizer that has HA in it and one of the best product with HA is the water gel by #neutrogena. Using the water gel only multiplied my trust level on HA. What I read was true, HA is what saved the day for me.

Yet, I didn’t think of trying the #serum because for me the HA in the #watergel was enough. The moisturizer was no more an issue for me and I only needed an #exfoliator and products for brightness and removing #darkspots. But when I thought its better to try products rather than pay the shipping charge I bought this particular product because hey it is hyaluronic acid. And it didn’t disappoint.

If I haven’t mentioned already, I tried the #alphaarbutin and #niacinamide serums two separate times. I took a break when the products reacted to my skin the first time and what I didn’t stop was using this #hyaloronicacidb5 serum. And it actually made my skin plump, healthy and a little dewy. And no bumps at all.

I applied a few drops say 3-4 drops all over my face, ears, and neck right before applying my #moisturizer. Some say it is enough by its own and you do not need to apply a moisturizer but as I was going through bad skin condition I didn’t want to skip my moisturizer.

BTW, none of the serums, niacinamide, alpha arbutin or HA was non sticky. All were sticky on the skin.

If you are using all these 3 products then first cleanse and apply HA on damp skin. Wait for atleast 30 seconds, more the merrier, and apply AA. Wait another 30 seconds, then apply the niacinamide.

If you are using the #peelingsolution then just use it right after cleansing and drying your face well. The rest of the products will be used the same way mentioned above. In the day time make sure you apply a good #sunscreen. Reapply it after every 2 hours. Because these are all strong ingredients for your skin.


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