The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: Let’s Give This Product The Benefit Of Doubt

If my last post seemed all over the place, it was because of trying to concentrate on one specific product although the discussion should have been on two products simultaneously. Hoping to make things clearer here.

So, talking about #ordinary #alphaarbutin would already hint my next product. And if you haven’t already guessed, it is their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. Extremely popular products.

Now I had several skin issues and I needed specific products to target those. I got my #exfoliator to remove dead skin, unclog pores and all the good stuff a good exfoliator does. I had dark spots to get rid of, for which I got the Alpha Arbutin and the next target was to brighten up my very dull skin. And for that I got #niacinamide. Alpha arbutin and #ordinaryniacinamide I read worked together way better on dull uneven skin, hence I got both.

However just like the AA, this product also didn’t work for me. My skin reacted the same way. Separate or using them both one after the other, neither of the tries did any good. The reaction was pretty instant and I had bumps all over my face. Now it could have been purging but when I got bumps within hours after using the products in consecutive days, I had to stop.

Though both the products couldn’t do what I got them for, I will admit my skin was not at its best phase. Actually, if not the worst it was going through one of the worst phases. I took my skin not hurting anymore as a sign of healed skin. However, the truth could have been that my skin was still so damaged that excessive product usage was affecting it. It might have only got a little prepared for a facewash and a moisturizer, nothing more. But then the strong #aha #bha was great. So, there is no way I can surely say it was a reaction, or simply purging.

So, I put on 3-4 drops of niacinamide right after applying the Alpha Arbutin. And that triggered my skin condition and I couldn’t finish up any of it.

My skin condition was bad hence I let it be and breath by using nothing on my face. I consulted my dermatologist too and started taking and using the prescribed medicines and products only for months. As its a personal condition lets avoid the details.

Guess my next.

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