The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA: Was It Skin Purging Which I Couldn’t Handle?

Welcome back to our The Ordinary series. The next product I chose to talk about is their Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, a #concentratedserum that I purchased to target my #darkspots.

If you are following the history of my #skinissue that I shared earlier, I didn’t have any for years so when I faced it I panicked. I also noticed healed skin after extreme dryness gets the worst and stubbornest of spots and dullness. So, my research got me towards the ordinary products, the affordable yet efficient ones.

This particular product, I read, targets dark spots specifically and it has #hyaluronicacid too, so my dry skin would love it, I thought. The unwanted #acne#flakyskin were leaving dark areas on my face. Basically, the issues that were going out of hand, I needed products that would control all and this I got strictly to work on the #unevenness.

BTW, this brand was known to be #affordable, but by the time it reached me the price didn’t remain so affordable. Also, #affordability is subjective, me think.

I used only a few drops and that covered my entire face and neck area comfortably. It is a thick serum so 3-4 drops are more than enough. You will ofcourse need to cleanse your face and use #SPF after using it if you applied it during the day. It would absorb nicely but feel sticky.

Coming to the point, it was not for me. It reacted to my skin and I had bumps all over my face. It was reacting to my skin just like the #neutrogena #hydroboostcleanser. I cleansed my face with that and the next day I had bumps all over my face. I got the same result from both the #cleanser and #serum.

I was having acne, I had dark spots but my acne issue was not this bad unless I ate something which would cause it or I used some #skincareproducts like this. But this product used to react right after I applied it.

I stopped using it and after a few days tried again but it reacted the same way. But I continued using it for a few more days and as it was worsening my skin condition I stopped using it for good. I actually had to stop using products on my face altogether. So, basically, my #damaged #dryskin was not ready for #ordinary #alphaarbutin2%.

What could be the next product?

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