The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution: Was It Harsh On My Damaged Skin?

Hello, missed me? Never mind.

After a hiatus, I am back. From now on, next few days will be Ordinary days for us. Yeah, I am going to talk about a few The Ordinary #skincare products. Lets consider it as a series and find out how good or bad this brand was for my #damagedskin.

Damaged, coz I went on ordering several products for my skin to get its glory back. This was right after I healed my overly damaged skin with the #neutrogenawatergel. The gel healed my skin but I was still getting acne as well as dark spots. I was worried about my skin getting ruined due to all the pimples and the spots left by those. I was tensed due to all the reaction on my skin for God knows what reason: age, food or hormone.

My skin was decent, lets say it was not hurting like before. So, after a little research thought of taking extensive care of it and ordered the #ordinary products to pamper my skin.

The first product I am going to talk about is the brand’s very popular #peelingsolution. Here I will have to mention that none of the products I could finish up but the good news is I have used these enough to come to the conclusion. Also, I have used these products during one of the worst phases of my skin, if not the worst.

This was a great product even on my bad skin condition. I used it very carefully, once a week, and it did the job from the very 1st use. It is known to be a very strong peeling solution, I mean 30% AHA+2% BHA, what should we expect, right? Yet, it was perfectly suitable for my newly turned very sensitive skin. It exfoliated well and brought the glow from within by removing the dead skin. It didn’t burn, and there were no rashes. It actually worked.

I used only the amount that I needed to cover my face and neck. 4-6 drops at best. Avoid using too much of it, it is not needed. I used to set an alarm strictly for 10 minutes. I always remained prepared with the cloth and lukewarm water and the moment I saw the alarm about to set off I start wiping the entire thing gently without wasting a second. It might seem to be too precise but I didn’t want my skin to get damaged further. I rarely used to use it during the day, but if you do apply sunscreen or you will suffer.

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