Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt Body Scrub: Does It Really Work?

What a find! This is basically a mitten to scrub your body to remove the dead skin and boy, it scrubs and scrubs so good. I would claim that my body never felt this level of clean, how it felt after I used it.

If you follow this account then you know I religiously used body scrub gloves and they are great but this is a very different ball game. You need nothing like a bodywash or a soap sort to feel clean and fresh.

Just damp yourself well, if you use warm water, great. The idea is to steam up your body to open pores, and all, also the stubborn camouflaged dirt gets softer due to the heat and moisture. Now just rub your entire body wearing this mitten. Don’t be too harsh, trust me you can go overboard.

With a slight rub you can immediately notice the dead skin and dirt removal. No soap, nothing, just plain water. It works with the friction.

My skin felt extremely clean and very soft too. You must not use it more than once every two weeks. And make sure to properly mositurize your body after heavy scrubbing. When it claims to deeply exfoliate it means it. It reduces ingrown hairs and will ofcourse work to even your skin tone too with regular long term use.

I might use it once in 10 days, rest of the days I will use my regular #scrubgloves. Now I will not have to be extra ‘rubby’ with my #gloves.

Even though this product impressed me to the next level but I disagree with the price to a huge extent. And then they are suggesting to replace it every six months. When you are asking me to use it twice or once a month and asking to replace it within six months of use, that means I can use it 12 times at best. For that very many use I am not going to pay the price. So if it doesn’t last long then I will be extremely disappointed. It was way too pricey then. However, I feel it will last way longer, at least I want it to, desperately. Let’s see. And I will let you guys know for sure.

BTW, this deep exfoliating mitt body scrub is by Dermasuri. I got it from Amazon. There was a stitching defect in my mitt, otherwise it felt like a well made product to me.

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