My PM Skincare Routine With All My Extensively Used Products

Getting into a routine is difficult for me be it in various activities in my life or just me taking care of my skin. I have learned the hard way when it comes to my skin. I didn’t take enough care of it and it damaged my skin. I tried too many stuff and at one point had to leave it on its own without applying anything. After a long time I got myself into a proper routine and for that I have invested in good products too. I have to call them out as pricey as well. But if it works its always worth it.

So, after maintaining this routine for months and getting to see the drastically healthy skin I am sharing my #nighttime #skincare routine. If you want to know my experience with these products I have them all, reviewed in detail.

1. If I wear makeup which is rare and if I wear sunscreen which unfortunately is still rare too, I always #doublecleanse. Sometimes triple cleansing too but thats not what I need to share here.

a. For #doublecleansing I use #micellarwater. I like the OG #garnier micellar Water. I take my reusable makeup remover pad and pour a good amount of the micellar water and wipe my entire face, neck and ear.

b. Then, I use a #facewash. I am using the #laneige Moisturizing Cream #cleanser. By far its the only one that squeaky cleans my skin better without causing any damage.

## I use paper towel to pat dry my skin. Its hard to keep a face towel clean, so tissue comes handy.

2. The next step is using a #toner. I used to #exfoliate first previously but then I got to know Toner before Exfoliant, atleast the #exfoliant I am currently using says so. So, for toning my face I use the #laneigeskintoner. I use a #cottonpad, have 5-6 drops on it and pat and swipe my face to apply the toner.

3. Exfoliation is my next step. To gently Exfoliate I use the #paulaschoice 2% #bha liquid exfoliant. I exfoliate in alternative days. I tried everyday #exfoliation too but realized it to be unnecessary even though it is gentle and apparently you can apply it twice a day. Apply it with a #cottonround. Pat the rounds taking no more than 4 drops of the exfoliant. I get a little rubby on my nose though, as its my problem area.

## For cotton rounds, I use The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds. Got hundred in a pack. Pricey but good.

4. The next step is to apply a serum and I am using the #larocheposay hyalu B5 Serum. A thick, bad smelled but great product. I avoid applying it around my eye area because I noticed I get headache if I put it around my eyes.

5. I like to use a #eyecream too and I used the #bodyshop Vitamin E Eyecream. It hardly worked for me but I continued using it till I could finish it. I will be very careful using it as one wrong move causes intense burn in my eyes due to the eyecream.

6. After I am done applying my eyecream time to #moisturize. And for months I am using the #laneigewatersleepingmask. You can use it as a mask right after applying a #moisturizer, if you do then apply the #mask twice or thrice a week. But I prefer using it everyday as a mositurizer and you need a little to cover your entire face, neck and ears. It absorbs into your skin and hydrates so well and you can feel the softness the next day. Your skin has an instant dewy vibe too.

7. I complete my routine with a thick layer of #lipbalm. I recently ended up finishing my Burt’s Bees Squeezy hence mentioning it in my regular routine. But I have used my #laneigelipsleepingmask too, the little sample tub. And sometimes I used my #cerave healing ointment. But mostly I applied the squeezy, as the color of it washes me out and at night there is none watching you. So its the best time to use a pale lip balm. I applied it and went to sleep to treat my #drylips the entire night.

So, this was my entire nighttime skin care routine. Each one of these products worked fine for me. I remained consistent in my routine and keep in mind you will see no difference the first few days. It takes time and if you have managed to damage your skin like I did, then days can turn into month too. So be patient and hopeful. Moreover, make sure to check on your diet. Eat healthy and drink enough water so that your skincare products can thrive even better.

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