Kodomo Baby Lotion Powder: Non-Greasy, Likeable With A Big But

Kodomo Baby Lotion Powder sounds like an unconventional product. A #powder in #lotion form, very interesting.

First thing first, the packaging is as usual 10 on 10. Very cute, perfect as a #babyproduct. Kodomo packaging is always great.

This product’s fragrance is as good as it can get. Its not sharp or harsh but has a strong smell. I prefer fragrances in a lotion or even in a baby wash so that the baby smells good for a couple of hours at least. And #kodomolotionpowder ticks on that criteria very well.

Lastly, this is a formula that I loved to the core. It just absorbs into the skin and there is no trace of the product on my baby’s skin except for the amazing smell. Zero sticky feeling and I loved it.

However, I am still confused its a lotion pr not. Because unfortunately this made my baby’s skin dry. It couldn’t moisturized like a regular body lotion would do. What I am confused about is this prodcut drying his skin out or as its a powder and I am applying it and not applying any lotion or cream hence the dryness.

Due to that, I further would not be able to use this product even though its a product that impressed me in a lot of ways.

I have emptied it till the last squeeze but this product will not be repurchased. If you want to use it instead of a powder go on but make sure to apply a lotion right before that to halt the baby’s skin being dry. Because if you are using it as just a powder then its a mess free product. You will not get powder all over. You can have better control.

But I will skip the multiple steps and use a good moisturizing lotion and guess what, I have got my favorite already. And believe me I am using it for just a couple of days. So to know which product impressed me this much stay tuned.

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