The Body Shop Body Butter Mango: Is It Better Than The Body Yogurt From The Same Brand?

The Body Shop Body Butter is the thicker version of a body lotion. The texture is thick but soft, just like butter. It feels cold as well when you apply it. The body yougurt from the same brand is a little runny and thinner but body butter is thick and creamy. The brand has emulated butter and yogurt texture spot on.

I have the mango flavor of the body butter and frankly I cannot have enough of it. Its so good. I love the body yogurt and have used a couple and its my first body butter. But I would dare to say I love the butter better. I am a first time user of the #bodybutter and finished only a little more than half of it yet I could come to that conclusion.

This thing smells divine. I always wanted to use the body shop stuff due to it having strawberry, mango kind of flavors. I have finally got my hand on both the flavors and I chose the strawberry for the yogurt and mango for the butter. Comparing the two fragrances I like the mango one better as the strawberry flavor felt too strong to me but it was good no doubt.

The packaging is cute as usual but nothing can beat the body yogurt packaging for me. Thats too cute wherein this one looks a bit regular yet has its own look. It seems I got myself into a detailed comparison between #bodybutter and #bodyyogurt.

I always use such stuff on damp skin right in the shower after finishing my bath rather than using it on dry skin. It abosrbs well in the skin and hydrates it beautifully. And the moisturized feeling stays for a while. Not for 24 hours like it claims, though. I found it less sticky than the body yogurt too. That one is way more sticky which is slightly outside my liking parameter.

It is an expensive product and if you use it daily on your entire body it will not last even a month. In that case it is not reasonable enough. However, the product is such that you can invest in it once in a while and enjoy the usage to the fullest just like the way I am enjoying right now.


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