CeraVe Healing Ointment: An All-Rounder Product

If there is one brand that has hit it out of the park with each one of its products for me that has to be #cerave. I read somewhere that cerave doesn’t make bad products and by far, using the brand’s several products I agree with the claim.

So here we have this Cerave #healingointment. I bought this for my dry lips when I saw a #doctorly video. My lips are dry all round the year not just in cold season. It might be extra dry in the winter but my lips needs hydration 365 days, 24/7.

I started using this healing ointment instead of my Vaseline Aloe and for months I continuously used it to soothe my dry lips as it worked so well for me. I got my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and used the sample tub as well as the Burt’s Bees Squeezy yet I used to use this ointment in between using those.

Then I have used it for slugging too for a couple of days. I had severe dry irritated skin around my nose which Cerave moisturizing cream also was failing to heal. So what I tried was slugging as I read that slugging brings the best of your skin by locking down the mositure. However, slugging was not for me as the very next day I started having pimples. Using it on my entire face didn’t work for me at all.

But what I did was #slugging only around my nose area after applying a moisturizer all over the face. That escalated the healing of my severely dry skin there. Cerave healing ointment over Cerave moisturizing cream did it for me. Trust me when I say my skin hurt and nothing I used was working but Cerave.

Other than that, if I have a slight burn or cut, which I do everyday during cooking, I apply it and the soothing effect it brings immediately is highly appreciable. You need this if you are prone to injure yourself with small burns and cuts. Please do not use it if you are severely injured. Small means small, make it extra small.

It claims to have a non-greasy feel though, which I do not agree with. It is greasy. But the greasy-feel is under control and doesn’t freak me out.

All in all, this is the petroleum jelly you will need and its a big tub at a reasonable price, a product that will last but will be used daily in so many ways. Get yours soon if you don’t have it already.

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