Johnson’s Baby Oil: Do We Need It?

Today we have this big bottle of Johnson’s baby oil to talk about and the sad news I couldn’t like it. I am using it for days now probably more than a month or two to massage my boy’s head after I give him a bath. Even that gets a little messy but I have to use the product I got for my baby somehow at least.

I was willing to use it on his entire body but the greasy feeling and the harsh smell didn’t allow me to. I gave up after one use.

For first few uses the fragrance would seem tough to handle. For me after a lot of continuous uses I got used to the smell. However its still there as its tolerable now not loved. Hence this quick decision to already talk about it here without using much of it. The quantity might seem too little to reach to a decision but if you count the number of time I have used it I can actually reach to the decision which I did.

Now I am contemplating to use it on myself to somehow finish it up before it expires. Because my baby’s little head will need no more than 4 drops to avoid the oily mess. And that way will never empty the bottle and I am against wasting product.

I hope my using the product changes my view when I could reach at least half of the bottle, and if I get to say anything positive I will definitely let you guys know because I do not want to be harsh on any product without getting absolutely disappointed after using a full size product. BTW if you didn’t know this product can be used by adults as well. So all the best to me.

I will also continue massaging my boy’s head with it. Its a routine now, dont have any intention to skip that.

You know what? If I would have known that this product will not be my favorite at all I would have definitely purchased a smaller one for him and that would have been enough for his head massage. This big size bottle is continuously poking me as in no way I will prefer using an expired product on my baby. So lets see can I make the most use of it or not.

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