Laneige Moisturizing Cream Cleanser: Is It An End To My Pursuit To The Best Cleanser For My Skin

Since I had skin issues, I have used quite a few facewashes and #cleansers. There were days when I couldn’t put anything on my face. And there were days I could use two different facewashes, one in my morning routine and the other during my #nighttimeskincare. However, none of the #facewashes gave me my glow back. My skin still looks dull after I wash my face.

If there is one #facewash which slightly worked on my lost glow is this Laneige Moisturizing Cream Cleanser. My face feels like I have used something other than water to clean my face.

It squeaky cleans my face by creating a rich lather with a tiny amount of product. Thank god for that, because these are expensive products. These needs to last longer.

Side note, what I have realized that only cleansers cannot bring my glow back. In your thirties you have to use other products, say retinol for that, which I am not familiar with. Neither I want to try it anytime soon as I am lactating.

This cleanser has a nice fragrance but it doesn’t cause irritation to my skin. All the other facewashes I have used since my skin issue are all fragrance free. So I was a bit apprehensive using it, but it worked the best for my skin among all. It will squeaky clean your face but will not strip away the moisture. My skin feels soft, never dry but clean. It not fully drying my face is handling the skin issues perhaps.

I have finished half of it already that too by using it only at night. I was using my #ceravehydratingcleanser in the morning and recently emptied that one.

This cleanser works both as a cleanser and a #moisturizer and I agree with its claims totally. The meadowfoam seed oil and the sunflower seed oil both sounds very unique to me when it comes to ingredients in a #cleanser or facewash.

But both have gelled with my #sensitiveskin even though this cleanser is for normal to dry skin. I mostly consider my skin as dry rather than it being sensitive because now its in a better condition. If my skin has a reaction I immediately start blaming my sensitive skin till then it remains dry only.

I have used several #laneige products for months now and I am going to repurchase this and others for sure.

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