The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel: Let’s Compare It With The Shea Shower Cream

I have used two types of #bodywashes from The Body Shop. The first was the shower cream and this one is a shower gel. I have already talked about the #shea #showercream in details and here I am to talk about the #britishrose #showergel.

It is as the tag suggests a bodywash in a gel form. It lathers beautifully. I saw no difference in the rich lather, it was the same for this one as well as the shower cream.

British Rose is a separate range from the brand and they have other products as well in the same range. Other than this shower gel I have also used the British Rose #bodyyogurt. I have talked about that product in details too.

Both the shower gel and body yogurt have a similar packaging, similarly, to me the fragrance seemed to be similar not exactly same, too. You can guess its from the same range but they have kept a slight difference in the fragrance too. Let me know you too agree or not.

British Rose has a distinct smell and its not sharp too, wherein the Shea Shower Cream has a sharp smell. However, though not sharp its not sweet neither spicy. The word unconventional will be perfect to describe the fragrance of it.

It keeps your body well moisturized even after a thorough rubbing with the scrub gloves. If you do not know I use bodywashes with scrub gloves to get the richest of lather. You need only a little to get a good amount of lathering so the bodywash will last. So the high price settles like that.

If you don’t like the feeling of a slippery residue after a thorough scrubbing of your body and rinsing off the foam you might not enjoy any of the body shop shower gel or cream. Because one thing that this brand’s bodywashes do is keeping the moisture intact even if you feel a bit sticky after the intense rinsing off.

I really enjoyed the body shop body washes and if I cannot get my #nativebodywashes I will forever get back to the #bodyshopbodywashes. I equally enjoyed the different types, so I cannot claim that I liked the gel formula better. This was not their regular common flavor, so though I was unwillingly buying it because of my preferences being out of stock, it was worth it.

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