Bio Active Foot Cream Banana: We Think We Don’t But We Need One

Foot cream might seem to be unnecessary but a foot cream on-budget that performs tremendously can be a great option to invest in. This Foot Cream by Bio Active has to be that investment. It has Banana and Argan Oil as ingredients and the ingredients really works to heal your cracked heal.

I got it to try whether a foot cream actually works or not and at first few use noticed nothing different. I stopped and got that deja vu feeling. Once again someone was so not right in praising and handing me a product.

But when I attempted to finish the product and was compelled to use it, I used it regularly for a longer period of time. I don’t have a severely cracked heal but it was a bit cracked and dry too. I massaged the foot cream continuosly for a few days and it showed the result.

The person over the counter had only praises about it and this time they were right. Otherwise, as we know, I have high experience in getting bad products on recommendation.

This foot cream smells like a specific chewing gum I used to chew in my childhood. So I can smell it for hours to go back to my childhood days. Basically this is the fragrance that wins my heart.

Its a very thick yellow cream and you need only a little to put on your feet. I have massaged the cream all over my feet including the toes and it felt nice. The little bit of stickiness it has is tolerable to me so for others it will be fully non-greasy. It absorbs into the skin in no time too.

This tube lasted me comparatively longer. I didn’t expect it to last that long. I have emptied it and my cracked heels were pretty much gone.

My heels are not cracked now, feet are a little dry but nothing drastic. But if I need a foot cream I am definitely going to repurchase this product.

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