Yong Chin Whitening Facial Toner: My Say On This Particular Product

This Yong Chin Toner is the first toner I have bought and the experience was not good at all. I just finished my hydro boost water gel that time, my skin was out of misery to an extent and I decided to take more care of it with good products. So I asked for a good toner when I went to purchase skin care items and the person who interacted with me gave me this with full confidence.

Now when I try to recall I can remember the specific products. So I went to buy the toner from Neutrogena and a new tub of water gel but end up buying the hydro boost gel cream and this YC toner. It was a loss project that day I tell you. They didn’t have the toner and handed me the gel cream instead of the water gel, you probably know that story, and I like a noob trusted the person seeing their confidence.

It was not even a cheap toner. It was not as pricey as the Neutrogena toner but was not too cheap either. Now when I searched it, saw it is available in a new packaging. So if you are not able to recognize it thats because I have the old packaging one.

Yong Chin Facial Toner reacted to my skin pretty badly. My face used to burn. It is not for sensitive skin at all, not my type of sensitive at least. I don’t know what they meant by whitening, I don’t get the point. As you can see I could hardly use the product. It still a full bottle. I recently tried using it on my face and immediately ended up with irritated skin and bumps all over the face. Basically its a big no for me.

The only good thing is its smell. I can sniff it for hours. The “cucumbery” smell is too soothing and works like a mood freshener and thats it.

So if you have ultra sensitive skin or other skin issues like me then try it at your own risk. Because if it reacts it will be bad.

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