Cerave Moisturizing Cream: Heals Dry Patches Effortlessly

Before I start writing all the good things about #cerave #moisturizingcream, lets get to the point when I decided to purchase and use it.

I decided to buy this cream when my favorite #neutrogena #hydroboostwatergel stopped being as effective as it was during the first couple of uses. The first time I had extreme skin issue #watergel healed it within days.

But the second time when my face faced the same issue, water gel was not working anymore. Especially the area around my nose, the sides of it used to be red, irritated and itchy. Basically my skin turned so dry that the moisturizer that healed it so well the first time, failed to heal it. BTW, the first time also I had extreme dryness around my nose, more than any other portion of my face.

That is when I did my research and got to know about using a thick cream with all the good ingredients to repair and protect my skin barrier. It was evident that I have completely ruined my skin barrier by not using the right product. Also, it was winter, that as well played a role in further drying my skin where the water gel stopped working.

This moisturizing cream proved to be a savior. I used to put water gel around my nose regularly at that time thinking it will heal that area just like it did the first time. But it used to burn so bad. Cerave moisturizing cream took just a day to bring a drastic improvement in that particular irritated skin area. I would even say the issue was gone the next day, the burning sensation and itchiness I mean.

Its a big tub and you can see I have used two third of it already. I have mostly used it as a face cream, and after my skin was healed and showing signs of improvement tried other products like the #laneige toner and mask. I have used it as a body cream too but as its a fragrance-free product I don’t prefer it more than my #bodyshop #bodyyogurts or butter.

I still continue using it when my skin feels a bit more dry. I skip applying everything else and just apply it, a thick layer all over my face, neck and ear and be sure that the next day my skin will be healed and happy.

So if you are facing extreme skin issues, body, face or both, try it, you will be healed in no time.

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