Laneige Water Sleeping Mask: Can I Use It As A Daily Moisturizer?

I am in love with this #watersleepingmask by #laneige. Have used half of it already and my skin feels great and glowy. I could build an opinion on this product with using that much product only, its that good.

It is a #sleepingmask made to use at night after finishing your #nighttimeskincareroutine. To be precise, after applying a regular moisturizer. However, I am using it as a #moisturizer every night and enjoying a great outcome.

It gives me same vibe as the #neutrogena #hydroboost water gel The texture and color is similar. Even the feel on the skin after applying the products seemed similar to me. It will not make your skin sticky or greasy. It just absorbs into the skin effortlessly. The only difference is this one makes your skin more hydrated than the water gel. Just by the look of your skin you can can notice the hydration. It looks dewy and plump.

I have applied my Laneige Vitamin C cream a couple of times at night, forgot the actual name of the product but got a sample and loved using it. When I apply this mask right after that cream my skin starts itching.

Other than that I am using a couple of different products like serum, exfoliant, toner, eyecream etc right before it and none have caused any issues gelling with it. But why a #vitaminccream from the same brand will have issue with a mask of the same brand I cant fathom. I have used the vit c cream with another moisturizer and it worked fine so its this specific combo only.

Though I have seen people using a noticeable amount of the product to mask the face up with hydration I use only a little, exactly the quantity I need to cover my face, neck and ears. My skin doesn’t feel sticky or dry. Basically the mask perfectly moisturizes without being too overwhelming with the stickiness. When you touch your face you can feel the layer of the water sleeping mask but that doesn’t bother me like it would if I applied a thick cream. Love the blue tub and the little spoon, very high quality and sturdy.

So, I am definitely going to repurchase it. It is expensive than the water gel but then it hydrates way better too. However, even after loving this product so much my love for #watergel hardly subsided.


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