Juvia’s Place Velvety Matte Foundation: My First Expensive Foundation

This cute little tube is a full coverage foundation by Juvia’s Place. Its their very famous I Am Magic Velvety Matte Foundation in the color Malta 640. And it is by far my most expensive foundation and it is my first full coverage foundation too. And frankly I still get into a guilt trip thinking that I have spend that much money on a foundation.

It is so full coverage that unless it does suits your skin tone it would seem you are wearing a mask. I made the blunder of buying Malta 640 and it is nowhere near my skin tone.

To my defense the shade right after Malta 640 looked deeper in the images to me and I pretty confidently chose it and its pale in front of my skin tone. And can anyone answer why my every body part has a different skin tone! How am I gonna decide what to follow and match! Kudos to people who can match the foundation perfectly.

Now tell me how many of you struggle with foundation match even now after using makeup for years and knowing every tips and tricks to perfectly color match the foundation?

Anyways, I have used it mixing with my #focallure foundation which is a tadbit darker than my skintone and the foundations gelled well and the color turned a bit moderate. I still looked like a maskman but could manage.

My experience using this foundation was not great even though it lasted well, it hid all my spots and all. However, what I realized is that full coverage foundation is not for me. I still don’t know how I would feel about a correctly matched full coverage foundation but I think such coverage gives me a overwhelming feeling. None of my foundations were this level of full coverage. So it seems I prefer medium coverage.

I also didn’t enjoy the matte finish. It felt too flat and matte. So neither full coverage nor matte finish is for me. It is an expensive foundation and am not going to judge the price as its very high-quality and delivers what it claims. However, this is not one of those foundation that suits my likings.

Next time I try this foundation I will try to perfect my bronzing skills and let you know whether it could make a difference.

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