Kodomo Head To Toe Wash: A Product 10/10

Kodomo Head to Toe wash has to be my favorite #bodywash for my little one. Its not just a bodywash but #headtotoewash which means the same product can be used to shampoo his head. Love it, very convenient and quick.

It is a perfect product to me. First, it is giving me two services with just one product. Currently, I am using two products during my baby’s bath time. One for the entire body and the other for shampooing. I miss the convenience of using just one product to wash from head to toe.

Second, it smells fantastic. I love the smell. My baby smells good, for a longer period. A fragrance-free product or product with a mild fragrance will not do the job so well like this product does.

Third, it has a strong fragrance but not harsh. But it still is a strong smell yet it has proved to be completely safe for my baby’s delicate skin. No reaction at all.

Fourth, it lathers beautifully with the tiniest of amount. Literally a dime size covers my baby’s entire body including his face and I take a little morebseparately to wash his head.

Fifth, I have used it for months, emptied a full bottle and it didn’t bother his eyes. It never caused any reaction even though the lathering sometimes is so rich that it might seem its affecting his eyes. However, I still prefer being careful and try my best not to get the foam or soap into his eyes.

Sixth, it squeaky cleans yet doesn’t strip away the moisture. His skin doesn’t feel dry yet it cleans great.

Seven, its an affordable product but very high quality.

Lastly, the packaging is adorable. Its a squeezing bottle, hygienic. All Kodomo products have cute, colorful packaging and this one looks great too.

All in all, this product is a 10 on 10 without a doubt.


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