Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: Your Search For A Gentle Skin Cleanser Ends Here

If you are in search for a #gentlefacewash that would clean your face without striping away the moisture or causing irritation, almost in a way like you have washed your face just with water Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has to be your ultimate. Just put it to clean your #sensitiveskin, you will be fine.

This cleanser just pampers your #damagedskin. It is not a #facewash but a skin #cleanser because you can use it on your entire body, face to toe. Fortunately, I have extreme issues with my face only. But many have extreme skin issues on their body too, this cleanser is perfect for them.

You can use it with water, apply and rinse or without water, apply on a dry face and wipe with a tissue. You can use it on your baby’s skin too. And as I said earlier, its a #bodycleanser too. However, I don’t think the product will last then. It will get too costly. So, unless you are in a dire need, skip using it as a body cleanser.

I have emptied this bottle and has many good stuff to talk about it but once again what it doesn’t do is bringing the glow back. That is what my priority is. It is very similar to the #ceravehydratingcleanser. You can check my review.

After using both, I feel #cerave worked better for me. Rather you can say cerave one was better in cleaning the dirt from the face. That somewhat indicates how gentle the Cetaphil skin cleanser actually is, because cerave cleanser is gentle too.

However, it doesn’t take away the fact that #cetaphilskincleanser took care of my skin when it was in a pretty bad condition. My skin is way better now, touchwood. Cerave got to work on a better skin, to be frank. So I have nothing but praises for the #cetaphilgentleskincleanser.

It soothes other sensitive areas in your body too. I have tried it when some parts of my body used to react to products that were harsh. I used to use this skin cleanser on those areas and it worked perfectly, no irritation at all. In those cases I was more than satisfied as I didn’t need glow there, unlike my face.

It is fragrance-free and soap-free. I didn’t mind the fragrance-free smell of it.

If you have fully damaged your skin and don’t know what will be safe to use, now you know.

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