Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion: Did My Baby’s Skin Like It?

Aveeno Baby daily moisture lotion is the first lotion that I have used for my baby since he was born. I took my time to use external products on my baby but when I started I started with a good one.

It took me almost a year to finish this product. I use lotion on my baby’s entire body from face to toe and it worked great. #aveenobabylotion moisturized his body really well and it caused no unwanted issues like rashes or bumps. You get apprehensive, right, because after all his mom is a master in having sensitive skin. So what if he gets that from her. What if product reacts to his delicate skin? Fortunately, this particular product from #aveenobaby didn’t.

It is not sticky, gets absorbed beautifully without making the body look like an oil field. It is fragrance-free but I don’t dislike the smell of it. Because frankly some of the fragrance-free products can be nauseating, cough #larosheposay hyalu serum, cough. Excuse me. I adore that product and think, will not be able to do without it though. If you want to know more have a look at my review on it.

Anyways, this #babylotion is not one of those smelly stuff. But if you ask me to be a little particular then I would like fragrance in a lotion. Sensitive skin products not having fragrance is the norm but I enjoy fragrances in products.

Its a thick cream. You are getting a bottle with a pump that has the turn and lock system. Super convenient and hygienic, what more do we need, right?

So, as I have emptied the bottle what am I using to moisture my baby’s skin? Did I liked the product that I am using now? Does it have fragrance? All will be answered after I successfully empty the current product I am using.

BTW, emptying this product was a task. I had 7 days worth lotion left in the bottle and the pump couldn’t get me a drop. So, I put the bottle upside down on a empty Neutrogena water gel tub for a day and the remaining product easily came out in it. I was amused looking at the quantity. Annoying but its okay.

Though I liked this product, I have my eye on another baby lotion from a renowned brand. If I can get hold of that one I am ditching this one for now. However, it will always be in my repurchase list.

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