Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer: Was It Good For My Overly Damaged Dry And Sensitive Skin?

Simple hydrating light moisturizer proved to be a good #moisturizer but not enough for my extremely damaged skin. Good in a sense that it didn’t increase my skin issues, not enough in the sense that it just made no difference.

It moisturized my skin, but my skin looked or felt nothing extraordinary. This doesn’t make the skin greasy, neither it effortlessly abosrbs in the skin. You could see a layer which doesn’t look pleasant. Basically, it does a job in between.

This moisturizer was actually my effort to try a little more affordable moisturizer compared to the #neutrogena #hydroboost water gel. I finished the gel within a month and immediately bought the #gelcream breaking my bank, mistaking it as the #watergel.

Those of you who haven’t go through my account to know the history, spoiler alert, gel cream is great but not as great as the water gel.

So the water gel healed my skin but purchasing another one, using it twice a day daily and finishing it within a month proved to be difficult hence I was searching for a moisturizer that will do a good job in maintaining the healing skin but in a budget. And #simple as a brand is too affordable yet make some really good products. I have used them and cannot deny that fact.

BTW, I bought the #simplemoisturizer with #simplefacewash thinking the combo will work better. Unfortunately it didn’t work to a great extent, neither the #facewash could do much about my requirements. I have talked about the facewash in details too.

It is a thick white cream, typical. I have emptied it just like the facewash and as I said it did its job to an extent so did the facewash.

The best part is its affordable and it actually is made for #sensitiveskin. My skin not reacting to it and going bonkers is a proof that it understands the sensitive skin. And my one at that time was way too sensitive. It turned into a drama queen to say the least.

Also, the packaging is impressive. I can squeeze to release product instead of putting my finger in a tub full of cream. Basically, it is way more hygienic. If your skin is not as sensitive and damaged as my skin is I think it will do a great job. At such an affordable price its a great option.

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