Native Fluoride Anticavity Whitening Toothpaste Candy Cane Vs Fluoride Free Charcoal With Mint

I have already talked about another #nativetoothpaste a few days ago which was not my favorite. What I realized after using that toothpaste is I don’t like the charcoal and mint combo, hate the minty smell in it and fluoride-free toothpastes are not for me.

When I got my hands on the #nativetoothpastes I was really excited about using this Native Candy Cane one which is an anticavity toothpaste with #fluoride in it. The other option was charcoal-mint flavor which had no fluoride in it. It was actually a deliberate decision during my purchase because I wanted to try both types available in the brand.

I have used the candy cane for over a month and finished almost half of it. Though I liked its flavor, I gave up in between because I thought it didn’t do much in whitening my teeth which is always my top priority from a toothpaste. Hence, I fulfilled my desire to use the toothpaste which has CHARCOAL in it. Because #charcoal is what will make my teeth shine like a diamond. Yeah, that is ingrained in my head for some reason.

However, after using both the toothpastes, I came to a definite decision that I like the Candy Cane better. I like how my mouth feels after brushing, the smell doesn’t gross me out and it is anticavity, has fluoride in it. It lacks in the whitening department though.

But, will definitely mention that, even though the Charcoal Mint one doesn’t have fluoride in it, and its minty smell grosses me out, it whitens the teeth better. If you enjoy minty fresh smell, you will love the charcoal mint and if you have sensitive teeth, this will be great for you. And it whitens your teeth way better, better than candy cane of course. So, decide understanding your requirements.

All in all, for me this candycane toothpaste is what worked the best. Though the whitening performance could have been better, I can make do with the slow process. Therefore, if I will repurchase one between the two, it will be the #candycane.

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