CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser: Is It Worth All The Hype?

Its high time I talk about another #facewash because apparently I am in search of a facewash which will give me my glow back like it did when I was in my early 20’s. So, #cerave Hydrating #cleanser is a much loved facewash and I get the hype around it. It deserves all the praises it gets. However did it fulfill my specific requirements from a facewash?

I bought this facewash because it was a much talked about facewash. It is the perfect facewash for people with sensitive skin. It has no fragrance and very gentle but cleans your face efficiently. If you have too much dirt on your face then one time wash will not be enough, though.

The moment you rinse off the facewash after a thorough rub you can clearly notice a well-hydrated face. Touch it and you can feel the soft skin too. It will not squeaky clean your face, a minus. Your skin will feel a bit slippery which indicates the hydration though.

It has 3 essential #ceramides and #hyaluronicacid in it. So even if you are cleansing your face your skin barrier remains undamaged.

Why this facewash is not what I was searching for despite of it being such a great option is because I don’t get that glow. BTW, its EMPTIED.

My skin is soft, hydrated but still looks as if I have just used water to wash my face barring the glaring plump skin. And my requirement is a squeaky clean yet plump bright glowy face. Does such a facewash even exist that can do all that? I wish.

My another issue with this and similar facewashes is that they don’t lather up. I don’t enjoy this type of facewashes. I want foamy substance to rub on my face.I need to feel the foam.

Its a cream and I take no more than two pumps in between my palms. Rub the cream for a few seconds and you will notice a slight change in its consistency after a while. Its not foamy but turns a bit thin and sticky if I am explaining it correctly. I then apply the facewash all over my face, neck and ears. It stays the same, perhaps turn a lot thinner, stillno lathering even after a thorough rubbing.

It is no doubt a facewash that does a lot of things for my face hence I will definitely buy it in the future. However, this was not what I am in search of. To be continued.

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