The Body Shop Strawberry Body Yogurt: Everything You Must Know

Those of you who are keeping a tab on this account perhaps already got the hint that we love to talk here. We are always in a mission to exceed word limit here. So, what happened was, the previous post about the body shop body yogurt was not enough for me hence the continuation here with its another type.

I marked the #britishrose and #moringa #bodyyogurt as the unconventional ones with a distinct smell. That automatically raises the query about which one was the conventional one for me then? This one is what conventional flavor means for me.

The Body Shop #strawberry body yogurt has same formula, not too thick, a bit runny cream to apply on your entire body, my preference, on damp skin. And for some reason the yogurts feel cold as if I got it out of the refrigerator. Might be deliberate to stay true to the name. I have finished more than half of this product and enjoying it.

Though I am known to purchasing this product one after another even after it being an expensive product to me which last literally days, I have a negative point for it. It is sticky and if you sweat, then the feeling you get is not great. It gets a bit annoying for me.

However, I have also noticed that if the product is not a bit sticky then it lacks in moisturizing capability. So, even though it bothers me I ignore. Let me know if you have any lotion or similar products that isn’t sticky yet hydrates your body to the fullest.

Compared to British Rose and moringa body yogurt, the strawberry body yogurt has a stronger frangrance, almost borderline harsh. If you have apply it the fragrance will reach quite far, its that strong. So if you have problem with strong smell this is not for you. But none of the fragrance lasts for too long. I don’t even expect it to last after a couple of hours frankly, so thats not an issue for me.

Lastly, I love the packaging. Its a cute little colorful tub and I am willing to try the other remaining flavors too.

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