The Body Shop Body Yogurts: The Flavors I Wanted But The Flavors I Got

To keep my dry skin well-moisturized I have tried different body lotions like Vaseline, Nivea. They were affordable, used to work great and you get a good quantity in such a reasonable price.

Though, many of the products I used to use stopped working for me and compelled me to switch to other products, my switching to #bodyshopbodyyogurt from regular #bodylotion was a mere fancy wish. I don’t even apply stuff on my body regularly, I try to, but many times I become lazy and skip it.

I deliberately switched to this body yogurt because I can use it in the shower on damp skin. I don’t have to make sure to pat dry my entire body and then apply a lotion. The reason sounds petty but it was a struggle and I would feel lazy to do all the work. I still do. But as this product works on damp skin I got the product I needed.

As I have mentioned earlier in one of my other product review, #thebodyshop has some crazy variety in its products. They have different flavors of body yogurt too. Though I wanted the other conventional flavors, ended up getting this one coz it was in stock. Its the #britishrose body yogurt. The smell of it is very unique, atleast it seemed to me. The product stays true to its name as it actually feels like yogurt, thick but not too thick to the point of being stiff.

Other than the British rose I also tried the #moringa body yogurt. I threw the tub away hence no image and covering my experience about that one in here. Of course, that was an empty tub so is this one.

Its the same product with a different scent. I was not too impressed with the fragrance of the #moringabodyyogurt but its not like I didn’t enjoy the scent of it. Even that had an unconventional scent, very different from the basic mango, strawberry types.

The body yogurt can be used on dry skin too but I prefer using it on damp skin. It immediately hydrates the skin and makes my skin feel softer. I am not sure about the 24 hours claim, though.

You get 200ml/6.91oz, are using it on your entire body and its thinner than a regular body lotion. So you will end up using more product and finish it up sooner. I do hence the heads up. So it is not an affordable option but I enjoy using it.

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