Focallure Skin Evolution Fluid Foundation: An Affordable But Great Foundation

The first ever #foundation I had was more than a decade ago. Yeah, get ready to hear the history.

I got it from my cousin. She was getting married and had two, so even though I hardly wore makeup and had no idea what to do with it, I kept it happily.

My first step of makeup was face powder. So it was pretty useless for me. But a few years later, it was that very foundation which made me realize how much I loved makeup. The way it created a blank, even toned canvas to put colors on and hide the flaws always amused me.

Though it was not meant for me, I mean it was my cousin’s, it suited my skin tone, a perfect match. The foundation was from Loreal and I have no clue which one was it. I googled a lot to but couldn’t find it.

I don’t remember its smell, shade but loved it. It was a glass bottle with black pump.I used that one for a couple of years, none cares for expiry dates here if it smells and feels good. Sorry for the trauma.

My next foundation was again from her, same foundation, but this time in a tub,. I noticed a slight change in the formula but used it for another few years.

As I was not enjoying the formula, I bought one, same brand, with my own money. It was a disaster. It came in a fancy red tub, was so pale and had a ugly smell. I guess the shopkeeper handed me an expired foundation. Otherwise that smell can’t be justified. But I used it, after all I have spend money on it.

My next buy was by far the best buy for me and here comes the mention of the #focallure Skin Evolution Fluid Foundation, 04, Natural. This foundation makes me feel beautiful to another level. It smells great, has SPF 15 and is affordable considering how well it suits my skin.

I bought it to wear on my bro’s wedding and had it on my wedding too. SO GOOD. During that entire period my skin was not in a good condition yet it covered all the issues I was worrying about. Keep in mind, it oxidizes and turns way darker.

However, for me wearing a foundation that oxidizes is way better than wearing a pale, stinky, thick one. I use a lighter face powder to balance things out as it is slightly darker for me and that works perfectly well. This step handles the oxidation too.

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