The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream: My Thoughts On It

If you want a well moisturized body after a long bath with all the harsh rubbing, then this is the product you will need. This is The Body Shop shower cream consisting of shea butter. Its a thick cream similar to liquid soaps.

The reason I bought this one was the shea butter and also because the ones I wanted were out of stock. This brand had some insane amount of flavors when it comes to its products. My preference was to try the strawberry, mango, fruity types but I ended up getting this.

But after using, I really enjoyed it . It will not squeaky clean your skin like a soap or other bodywashes. So keep in mind that even after rinsing the foam thoroughly from your body, it will feel a bit sticky as if there is some soap left on your body. And unfortunately for me thats a negative point. However, this means it doesn’t dry your skin up rather retains the much needed moisture.

It smells great just as a bodywash must smell otherwise whats the point even! It has a rich lather, again a personal priority. Products that doesn’t lather make me feel like they are not working on my skin.

I struggle a lot with the facewashes that are for sensitive skin for not lathering up. Using those is a struggle of its own because even though you don’t like the feeling of the product but you have to use it to protect your sensitive skin

Lastly, though it seems a small bottle, it will last you forever. The rich lather is created from just a dime size or two, specially when you use the scrub gloves. Trust me thats enough to cover your entire body.

Please stop squeezing the bottle hard to release an unnecessary quantity of the product, behaving as if you are in the middle of an advertisement shoot. Your shower time is not streaming anywhere so take the quantity that you will actually need, which will automatically stop you from wasting the product.

All in all, using a small quantity will make sure you are spending a bit much, but on a product that will last.

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