Tommee Tippee Made For Me Nipple Cream: Do We Really Need A Nipple Cream?

When you are pregnant and too close to your delivery date you make a long list of things that you will need after delivery. Not just for your baby but for yourself too. I also made a list and this product was in that list, though I was not sure about me needing it or such a product actually working.

However, I restrained myself from using it immediately after my baby was born because I thought let me manage myself, I can definitely do without it. And I actually did, for first couple of weeks. I was in pain but I could endure it without applying anything external.

Now #breastfeeding is not a very easy thing to do. Yes its comes naturally to us but still its tough and very painful. Having said that, you get used to the pain very soon so don’t be scared.

Breastfeeding my new born was a struggle, I endured with all my might but eventually reached that point where I was getting scared thinking about the next feeding.

It was sore, I was in huge pain but was willing to try not to use anything to sooth the soreness. The rigid mind set I tell you. At one point I continuously fed my baby with the same side as the other one was in unbearable pain. So I ended up applying the nipple cream I had.

I searched a few nipple creams, chose 2-3 and ended up buying #tommeetippee #madeforme #nipplecream as it seemed comparatively natural. It had no preservatives too. For first couple of uses I felt nothing different. But I continued and slowly, it started working. I was in less pain but it was there. So, if you think the pain will vanish with one use thats not gonna happen. But it will get better for sure.

Also, I didn’t need to use it for a lot many days because you get used to breatfeeding quite soon. The nipple cream played its part too to tackle the suckling. I was not hurting anymore but the thing is it worked when I desperately needed it to work.

The worst thing about this nipple cream is its smell. It was bad. Nipple cream are said to be edible for babies. However, everytime I fed my baby I used to wipe the cream off because the smell made me anxious.

So, if you are going to be a mommy soon, you can make the purchase because it surely works.

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