Vaseline Lip Therapy: The Very Best At An Affordable Price

Lip balm has to be the only product that my body compels me to use. I had to wear #lipbalms, a thick coat 24×7 and if not lip balm I used to wear lipglosses that keep your lips well hydrated. Basically I need to apply something or the other to maintain my lips and protect it from extreme dryness.

So when my #affordable, extremely affordable and easily available lip balm changed its formula and started reacting to my lips I was in a tough spot. Because I never needed any other lip balm ever and used to purchase the big tub and generously apply.

It took me days to realize that my favorite lip balm is causing me the rashes on the lips. Now when I look back my skin issues actually started with my lips only. So I started using #vaseline #petroleum jelly. Now it didn’t cause the lip rash but I don’t know the reason why it did nothing to hydrate my lips. Thus I decided to up my budget to get a good, comparatively pricey lip balm.

The funny thing is now these lip balms seem to be very affordable which was not the case just a few years ago. For me spending so much on a lip balm was too extra and breaking of my frugal oath.

When I searched for a better option and got introduced to these there was no looking back. I first bought the pink tinted one which looks pretty and smells even better and my numero uno Aloe Vera has no color and smells fantastic. I used to always keep the aloe vera one with me and open the lid and smell it. It was so good.

I basically used every type of it. The cocoa butter is missing from here because I threw the tin, ofcourse after finishing it.

So the aloe is my favorite even though the later ones I bought has a different formula and smell than the very first one. I didn’t use the pink one that much due to its tint.

The blue one is pure vaseline, had no distinct smell, perhaps fragrance-free but was really good. The light purple tin was similar to the blue one. That is the one which seems a limited addition to me.

Cocoa was my least favorite due to its harsh smell but when I got used to the smell it worked as good as the other ones. These are #liptherapy indeed because they soothes your #drylips and keep them well hydrated, and plump.

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