Native Detoxifying Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Charcoal With Mint: Good Or Okayish

Charcoal and mint together in a #toothpaste felt like a weird combination to me but when I saw Charcoal as an ingredient in this toothpaste and detoxifying is what it does I had to order this to try. Native as brand has caught my attention promptly and I actually love trying #native products. So, along with the bodywash I also this toothpaste to try and enjoy.

However, the minty taste and fragrance didn’t go too well with me. I have always preferred finishing my products hence the almost finished up tube in the image. But it took me a while to get used to the taste of this toothpaste in my mouth. It was not pleasant at all. I couldn’t bear the smell too. It couldn’t make me feel fresh after a thorough rinsing of my mouth.

Lets talk about the good now. What it does the best is making your teeth whiter with natural ingredients. However, the whitening cannot be too drastic as you have nothing artificial in here. I like how it made my teeth look. My teeth are prone to staining hence I am using whitening toothpastes for years. My teeth are stain-free and stays white, natural white so in that aspect it has worked for me. Also, the toothpaste is black and foams well considering its made with natural ingredients.

What I have also realized during the use of this toothpaste is fluoride free toothpastes are not for me. It did nothing special for me and I do not have sensitivity issue. What I have understood is I will need fluoride in my toothpaste to halt my teeth from decaying.

So even though it has charcoal in it and it performs pretty well in keeping my teeth look cleaner and whiter, due to it not having fluoride and for the weird taste of mint and charcoal combo in it, I will skip repurchasing it and prefer some other flavors of fluoride toothpastes from the same brand. Those of you who seem to be intrigued by the combo but want one with fluoride then the brand has the same toothpaste with fluoride as well.

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