Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel: Is This The One?

Anyone who has adored the #neutrogena #watergel will definitely want to try the entire #hydroboost range. I am no different and if I had high expectations from one product and literally regretted not being able to use that product as it didn’t work and desperately tried to make it work has to be this one.

Yes I didn’t enjoy the #gelcream but that product was onlyvnot likeable compared to the water gel. If I had no option of buying the water gel I would go for the gel cream. But in the case of Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel I had no such option. It reacted to my skin the very next day of my first use.

It smells exactly like the water gel, have hyaluronic acid, nicely lathers and did exqctly what it claimed. Even after a thorough rub of the face with a facewash you get a soft hydrated skin. I like squeaky clean face after a wash but didn’t mind the supple feel of it. And just like the water gel it took no time to impress me.

But, the next day I ended up with pimples on my face. Not one or two but a few. I was not having any before, as my skin was in better condition so I was very sure its this product that was causing me all the new bumps.

I continued using the facewash for a couple of days more but the bumps were increasing and with a very heavy heart I had to stop. Because acne and its scars terrifies me. I realized, though the product works, its not for my skin.

So I could only use a little bit of this facewash and the rest was used by my hubby dear. Hence the very satisfying empty bottle. Just like the gel cream it worked for him quite well.

Moreover, accidentally, one day I got to know how efficiently it removes extremely dried up liquid matte lipstick. I was swatching lipsticks and eyeshadows on my hand and as I didn’t find a wipe near me I thought lets make some use of this facewash. And when I saw it removing the makeup from my hand so well I tried it on my lips too. It removed the lipstick so smoothly. Almost like a micellar water. My hand and lips were fine. No bumps.

So I genuinely feel this one is a great product which will work for many even though it didn’t for me.

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