La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum: Is It Worth The Money?

Hello peeps, today I present to you another skin care product and this one is a hyaluronic acid serum by La Roche Posay. I am using a couple of products from this brand for months now and am yet to use a couple more.

I have already used half of this product, you get a 30ml bottle so I have used 15ml or more of it.

This one is said to be pure hyaluronic acid with Vitamin B5. The bottle is blue but the serum is clear and a bit thick and sticky. It feels thick and sticky when you put it on your skin. But when you start working with the product with your fingers, I mean while rubbing, it starts getting thinner and the product feels like water on your skin.

What I do is directly put three drops, one drop each on both my cheeks and a drop on my forehead. Please avoid touching the dropper to your skin. Keep the skin and the dropper separate.

I rub the product all over my face, neck and ears too. Three drops goes that far, yes.

Now what I immediately notice is the glow. My highlight areas are glowing. My skin is plump and feels dewy. It looks healthy and is a bit sticky. Not too sticky but sticky. Then I apply my moisturizer.

As it is a bit sticky I feel one can easily put on makeup basically using it as a primer. You can also use it under your eyes. However, I don’t use it all over my eyes generously because the product causes irritation if I go overboard with rubbing.

This serum claims to work as an anti-aging product, basically handles the wrinkles part and work on the repairing of your damaged skin. I have just started using it so this two aspects might not be within by experience because these are time consuming stuff.

My skin though, haven’t reacted to this prodcut like it does with some other products. No bumps or acne at all.

What I don’t like about the product is how it smells. I still couldn’t get used to it. And the price is a bit high considering its a hyaluronic acid. However, I have noticed serum being highly priced for some reason. Then, I again ponder upon the price and feel like pure hyaluronic acid should be a bit afforadable for me to buy the product again and again.

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