Function Of Beauty Conditioner: Your Hair Needs To Smell And Feel Just Like This – Episode 2

Lot has been said about the Function Of Beauty Shampoo in my previous post. Spoiler, all positives. We were on a cliffhanger, so here is the color reveal. Now lets talk about whether I liked the conditioner or not.

I really liked it. It smells delicious and compared to the shampoo its fragrance is stronger. It stays for a long time.

Though I have extremely fine hair, I section my hair to apply the conditioner. I take a good amount on my fingers and run them through my hairs. I try my very best to comb my hair using the fingers while applying it but the hairfall it causes stops me from repeating the movement.

Rather, I prefer slight tapping after taking the hair shaft in between my palms. I apply it on my head and the back too though have to be very careful about the sculp.

I have used the conditioner from root to tip too and it was fine. After a couple of minutes of wait with the conditioner on my entire hair I rinse the conditioner thoroughly. I feel the softness immediately.

What I have noticed that none of the brands I tried could do much about the hairfall. This shampoo and conditioner too couldn’t do much about it. Its like I will have to learn getting used to the hairfall. However, if it causes a certain level of hairfall which catches my attention then I have to stop using the product which thankfully this conditioner doesn’t.

Just like the shampoo, the conditioner is customized too. They come with sticker papers where you get different stickers to stick to the bottles. If you didn’t know, two sticker papers for two bottles. Your personal name is on the bottle. They are the colors that you have chosen and the ingredients are according to what your hair types and needs.

You can decide whether your hair products will be silicone free or not. Then they are sulfate, paraben free too. Mine were silicone free. All the science behind it had to work and it worked for me, no surprise.

As you can see I have finished it up just like the shampoo, and my hair loved both the products. My shampoo bottle is comparatively more empty because I have used it with both this conditioner and the Briogeo mask.

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