Function Of Beauty Shampoo: Your Hair Needs To Smell And Feel Just Like This – Episode 1

If there is one shampoo that has worked for me in every way possible starting from volumizing my extremely fine hair, making it look healthy, beautiful, not reacting to my sensitive sculp and causing massive hairfall to smelling delicious, it has to be this customized Function Of Beauty Shampoo. This is an almost emptied bottle which is well loved.

The time when I had to stop using soaps, shampoos and conditioners and had to use cooking ingredients instead of soaps and all, nothing was working for me then.

It was bad and when it got a little better after months of struggle I had to choose my products very carefully to maintain the betterment. What everyone is loving and raving about, might react to my skin in the worst way possible.

I got introduced to Function Of Beauty way back but decided to try the brand when I surely knew I could try products that are said to be for specific purpose and made with certain ingredients.

A shampoo being sulfate free by far has to be my number one priority because when I started using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners I got the positive outcome.

I actually ordered my Briogeo range and function o f beauty products within a couple of days. Both the brands have quiz system which I really appreciated. So I took the quiz and ordered the products hoping both will work on my hair. And they did.

Am not gonna lie but had higher hopes from the Briogeo range and went for Function Of Beauty more for fun. Specially to enjoy choosing the color and having a personal name on the bottle. Both attracted me for 2 different reasons. However, this shampoo worked on my hair the best.

It lathers like a dream, even if I have applied hair oil and kept it for hours. It makes my hair shiney, soft and fluffy too. Second wash results in triple lathering.

I used it with the Briogeo deep conditioning mask once a week and both worked fine. In between I used the conditioner. Yes, the Function Of Beauty conditioner.

Did I like the conditioner or it went like the Briogeo Volumizing Conditioner. To know my thoughts on the conditioner and to see what color I went for the condioner opposing the Blue Shampoo stay tuned.

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