Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water: The OG Micellar Water

Just a post back I was talking about Garnier facewash and moisturizer and mentioned how I used them for years. But with age the products that used to work for me were not much effective. Hence I had to take a break from using the brand which I liked so much.

However, when I decided to stop using makeup removing wipes, same reason, they were causing skin issues for me and got introduced to micellar water I had to use this Garnier micellar water.

These come in different types and sizes and I decided to go with a small bottle because who knows how my face will react to it. I got the one with pink lid and they have green, blues, yellow even black and white ones which work on different skin types and formulated differently. I am actually intrigued to use the black one and perhaps the yellow one if it says its for my skin type. So, will think about a purchase soon.

Okay, so anything and anywhere if its written ‘for sensitive skin’ I get assured that I can try this. So I got this one for myself. And this was my first micellar water. It feels just like water, nothing else. No foaming, no stickyness, and it doesn’t dry you skin up too.

You need to have enough quantity on your cotton round pads or reusable washable makeup removing pads and wipe your entire face with it until you remove all your makeup.

If you have done heavy makeup you will require a good quantity but it does a good job in removing all the heavy makeup except stubborn liquid lipstick stains and kohl. If you want to get rid of those you have to rub hard which I prefer not doing and let them be because its the lips and eye area we are talking about.

All in all, I really loved using it and definitely will recommend. Great product at such an afforfable price. If it kept my skin well protected while cleaning the face thoroughly it will do the same for you too. Specifically this one. Why? Yeah, that we will talk about some other day.

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