Briogeo Blossom And Bloom Volumizing Shampoo: Did The Shampoo Disappoint?

Just a few days back I had a lot to say about the Briogeo Blossom And Bloom Volumizing Conditioner. That pretty much gave it away what my next Briogeo product to talk about. This is Briogeo’s Blossom And Bloom Volumizing Shampoo. This one was suggested to me when I went through the hair quiz.

The good news is this is an empty bottle just like my Briogeo deep conditioning mask tub. Which indicates that unlike the conditioner the shampoo worked for me to an extent where I could empty it. And to condition my hair after each wash I used to apply the mask. Both the products worked well together.

However what I have noticed is that whenever I used to use this combo my hair used to take hours to dry. FYI, my 20 hairs can’t afford blow dry kind of stuff. I do not do those stuff with my precious remaining strands.

Also, for the first one and half days my hair would look like nothing is going on in there. It would be like I have never shampooed. And I used to feel like why am I even using this expensive product! But after about 48 hours when I used to comb my hair it would feel so good. The difference showed only then. So I realized I need to wait for 2 days to see the result and got used it.

While holding I know I have extremely fine hair but lookwise it seems my head is full. So it actually volumizes. It also made my hair feel soft.

This shampoo was one of those few shampoos which actually worked on my overtly damaged sculp qnd hair. It working saved me from months of trauma seeing my hairs falling limitless. That scary phase of my life went better with it, thanks to it being free of sulfate, paraben and silicone. There was hairfall but not at alarming rate. Can’t say the same about the conditioner though.

Coming to what it couldn’t do is it didn’t do much to tame my out of control frizzy wavy curly hair. Neither it did much in strengthening my damaged hair. But the amount of hairfall after using this shampoo was way lesser than using the conditioner.

So, now when I have shared my experience about all the products of Don’t Dispair Repair Range I have, tell me about your experience using the same in the comment section.

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