Native Body Wash Sugar Cookie: A Winner In All True Sense

This Native bodywash is all you need if you want to smell like an extremely sweet chocolate biscuit. Because I smell like one after every bath and love it. Some of you might not like the saccharine feeling to it, if thats the case it is not for you. Also, it might be a limited edition one. But anyways, lets get back to my thoughts on it.

I have used different bodywashes for years now since I stopped using soap. The last time I used a soap was long back. It was a Dove soap and the reason I stopped using it was because I didn’t like how slippery my entire body felt after bathing. For many it might be good that it keeps your body well moisturized but I am a sqeaky clean girl, heads up if you do not know yet.

So how is this bodywash different from the others? When my entire body from my scalp to toe turned sensitive I had to search for specific products and if its sulfate and paraben free its a good sign. Not that the previous ones I used caused me rashes but that discussion I have to keep for some other review.

However, the best thing about this bodywash is how well it lathers with minimal product. I prefer using it with my scrub gloves and the lather it creates satisfies my soul. Dramatic. Didn’t feel it make my skin soft though, just saying as the product (bodywash) claims to do that.

After you rinse your body its sqeaky clean yet your skin doesn’t feel dry. Basically, it doesn’t strip the moisture away. Tell me you moisturized my body without telling me you moisturized kind of a situation you see.

Last but not least, it is not a pricey product yet the bottle is sturdy ad heavy too. A good product needs a good bottle to store. Even appearance-wise it looks impressive and one of a kind. Special mention to the whole idea of making us understand the ingredients in the most fun way possible.

So, fragrance, packaging, lather and sqeaky cleaning, in all aspects Native Bodywash Sugar Cookie is a winner.

Let me know which other products from Native you guys think are great by commenting in this post.

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