Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash: Affordable Yet Great

My introduction to a facewash was through my then best friend when we were in our mid teen that too when I saw one in her washroom. Hers was oily, acne prone skin hence the need to use the Clean And Clear one with the navy blue lid and a very nice smell.

I didn’t start using a facewash yet because I had a normal skin. A skin so normal that I got a very clear skin with no pimples and if I got any, it would be just one, almost unnoticeable. Such skin doesn’t require a facewash, does it? The audacious mistake. Uh, what wouldn’t have I done to get my that skin back. It was hassle-free and beautiful.

But then my love for using fancy stuff got me into using facewash, perhaps in my 20’s, and it went smooth for years. My facewash journey remained limited to using the Garnier one, one with the yellow tube. It suited my skin perfectly and remained my favorite for years. That facewash with the moisturizer from the same brand, it was a yellow tub with a white lid, used to be the perfect combo for me.

Now in my 30’s my overly tortured dull skin is searching for a facewash that would work the way I felt the Garnier one did in my 20’s. If you are wondering, no, the same facewash didn’t work for me when I started having issues with my skin. So it was no more an option.

I have used and emptied plenty even if some of them didn’t work for me like I would expect them to. One such was this Simple moisturizing facial wash.

My expectation is to have a squeaky clean face with no dullness. It squeaky cleaned but the skin remained dull as if I washed my face with just water. It lathered comparatively better and didn’t cause rashes or bumps which my other facewashes caused, thank goodness. So in those aspects it was great.

It doesn’t have fragrance but does’t smell chemically either. It squeaky cleans witout striping the moisture away. Both positives. But I always did put my moisturizer pronto otherwise my face would itch in no time.

This facewash is affordable, another positive and is a great option for protecting sensitive skin, great, but still its not my favorite. So, the pursuit of a facewash that works for me remains to-be continued.

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