Laneige Skin Toner: A Product That Looks Great, And Works Great As Well

I have had good experience with all the Laneige products I tried till now including the sample products so Laneige Skin Toner is no different.

A toner does different things to your face starting from balancing the pH level to removing the last trace of dirt. It tightens pores, is good for anti-aging and refreshes your face after the thorough cleaning of double cleansing. Then it prepares your skin to pull all the serum, moisturizer and oil you put over it to hydrate it. Now does this toner do it all?

Yes. If I have said I had good experience with this product then its a good product worth buying. My sensitive skin had no issues using it.

Had to remind you guys about my sensitive skin because the other toner I tried using caused a catastrophe on my face. That one irritated my skin immediately after putting it on my face and I had bumps as well.

Nevertheless, I take no more than 5-6 drops of the Laneige skin toner on my cotton round pad and pat and swipe it all over my face, neck and ears. Sometimes I use my hand too instead of the pad. Both ways the toner absorbs into my skin so well without leaving any trace of it. Non stickiness is what we appreciate here.

I use my exfoliant right after applying this toner and they gel well. Using it for months now so it is a product to last. After all we get a 200ml bottle.

Last but not the least, the bottle. What a great looking product it is. Its heavy and looks so boozy. I loved the mild fragrance of it too coz its refreshing. All in all a great product to add to your skin care routine.

Let me know which other toners you guys want me to try that will work great on my sensitive skin.

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