Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild: The Product I Loved But Preferred Not To Repurchase

A few days earlier I posted about my positive experience of using @burtsbees #dustingpowder. I love that talc free stuff and even though ordering it and getting it in my hands might take too much time I would prefer waiting and stock up ahead. However, this post of mine is to gush about a product that I really liked using on my baby.

This is a @temankodomo product. Its their baby powder and its extra mild. The very first thing I need to mention about this product is how good it smells. Burts bees one is not an impressive one when it comes to the fragrance. It smells good but not like the Kodomo one.

Then comes the packaging. Kodomo makes some really adorable colorful products full of nice fragrances with impressive bottles.

So, I like the scent and packaging. Also the powder is too fine as if it melts in the skin. It didn’t cause rash while I used it and my baby was only a couple of months old so its more than safe.

Though I will always prefer talc free dusting powder like the Burt’s Bee one, this Kodomo baby powder extra mild has all my heart.


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