Briogeo Blossom And Bloom Volumizing Conditioner: Did Despair As It Didn’t Repair

Briogeo Blossom And Bloom Volumizing Conditioner, I really wanted to love this one. Coz frankly these are expensive products and hard to get to for me. My ability to use any random shampoo is long gone and now even the slightest of mistake causes me a huge hair fall. But when such a clean product full of good stuff causes hair fall I dont know what to say.

I have already emptied the deep conditioning mask and enjoyed using it but this conditioner never works for me. It never did since my first use. I dont enjoy watching hairs all over my hands after applying a conditioner. For some reason, this aint working for me and I dont know what the issue is.

I have very fine hair with a decent length to it. Its long now but was not when I started using this conditioner. I was losing my hairs at jet speed, needed protection and volume, hence Briogeo quiz suggested me their #dontdespairrepair range and I had to purchase it to save my remaining 20 hairs. But this conditioner seems to dislike my hair even though it is supposedly made for my hair type.

So I am not going to repurchase this conditioner again. I had stopped using it midway and continued using the deep clean mask and other conditioner. And just last week attempted to try it again but it immediately reminded me that my hair doesn’t like this one.

However, Briogeo is a brand that I am going to continue trying hence I have already placed my order for the products I need. Um, which ones? That you will get to know soon, I hope because me receiving my products takes time. Till then let me know what was your experience using this conditioner. Do you like it or its a pass?

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